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The situation on a HIV - infections in the Tver region remains strained. On 11/2009 6750 cases of a HIV - infections among inhabitants of area and a city of Tver are registered.
The Tver region concerns the most unsuccessful regions Russian Federations on rates of increase of disease of a HIV-infection. The first case of a HIV-infection in Tver has been revealed in 1988. The 23-year-old townswoman has caught a HIV-infection from the foreigner from Ruanda in 1983-1984 when it was trained at preparatory faculty of polytechnical institute.
The HIV-infection at correct treatment and periodic inspection is not deadly disease.   HIV/SPID it is not transferred at household contacts.
HIV/SPID it is not transferred at household contacts, possible infection can occur at: sex without a condom, use not sterile toolkit (for example for introduction of drugs), from mother to the child (if corresponding preventive maintenance before sorts is not spent).
The address Tver Center AIDS: Russia, the City of Tver, the prospectus of 50 years of October, the house. 2 buildings 2. (A street stop Republican). Phone: +7 (0822) 448-898, 444-222.
The social worker Center AIDS: E-Mail:  Phone: +79206804500.  ICQ: 306-760-604.  Jury Surin.  

Regional AIDS the centre is to the address: Tver of street of 50 years of October д.2 a building 2. A building two floor. On the ground floor settles down: diagnostic laboratory, advisory and procedural offices, and as accounts department. On the second floor settles down: an office of the head physician, an office of the secretary, an office the manager. Branch, an office of the staff nurse,
Offices of epidemiologists, office of doctors-infektsionistov, office of social workers, procedural office and laboratory office.

The basic functions and Center problems are:
• carrying out is advisory - diagnostic and preventive work on a HIV-infection;
• carrying out of epidemiological investigation of the revealed cases of a HIV-infection;
• the organisation and carrying out of researches on a HIV, virus hepatitises In, With, a blood test sick of a HIV-infection on virus loading.
Supervision over patients with a HIV-infection and persons with suspicion on this disease;
• maintenance of specific treatment of patients with a HIV-infection;
• supervision over pregnant women with a HIV-infection;
• therapy carrying out to pregnant women with a HIV-infection for the purpose of preventive maintenance of a vertical way of transfer of a HIV-infection;
• supervision over children born from a HIV - infected mothers;
• the organisation and carrying out of blood tests of children till 1 year, positive mothers born from a HIV - for the purpose of an establishment of the diagnosis of a HIV - of an infection at children during the period till 18 months;
• organizational - methodical management of area on all aspects of a HIV - of an infection and preventive maintenance of infectious diseases;
• coordination of health services and maintenance of interaction with bodies of the state sanitary-and-epidemiologic supervision and other departments;
• sanitary - educational activity among the population on a HIV - of an infection and other infectious diseases;
• the operative and retrospective analysis of disease of a HIV - an infection and other infectious diseases.
On the ground floor in an advisory office it is spent to test consultation: which purpose is to finish to the client the information on HIV disease \AIDS, to discuss infection ways, to try to find out the reference reason in the Center and to help to define risky behaviour of the client in this or that situation, to explain terms of carrying out of the test for a HIV and to explain possible results of the test. Then the client is offered to be tested voluntary on a HIV. All information which has been found out at work with the client is especially confidential. After the client learns result of inspection, I spend with it after test consultation. The primary goal after test consultation is: to help not infected people to get skills of the behaviour reducing risk, and to the infected clients - to explain how not to infect others and in due time to receive the necessary help and support.

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